thinking that I am billionaire, I started to read, finding that I need change myself, I looking for billionaires.. I have this in my refrigerator and it’s really thriving me. If I taking it away, I don’t have clue what to do. I also fantasies wonder women who rise poverty to the stars. I love eating pussy and making them all billionaire, that is my goal. Kind a fantasy.. being something low, it’s not thrive me, if I think I am Black Ninja, I am then. If I think I am like Charles Bukowski, I am then.. when I excited chemistry I visualised myself like Einstein.. as I was top condition of running, I visualised myself as number one, Olympic gold medalist, word record runner.. I become very fast runner. Now when I visualized myself The Black Ninja, C.I. Jane, Lara Croft. Woman who is steal, with six-pack abs.. top condition and I am now pure iron.. very good shape in physical.. when I think I am something which is much more superior what I am, I get better and better.. I also visualised myself as a shit and I became that.. my inner world is changed completely, I have billionaire mindset, the problem is that want I that… Selling my time wholly to chacing gold. I think I am billionaire, I can influence everybody and I am changed.. want I that? I love also eating pussy, my best moments are those when I have sex with beautiful woman.. it’s addiction to chacing gold.. I only ask if I can eat pussy and make her the billionaire..or them if I think a product wiew, wonder women world..

What we have, don’t existTigers are found me, and I don’t careYou was my everythingSomeone took you and stealed from meI look your picture, that is everything what I have lepicture of Marilyn MonroeWhat we have, don’t existI try to new relationship, I feel terrible painI still love youAlways
I have fantasy of billionaire woman.. but young hot Asian woman is taking form of this? I don’t know why I write to you this kind things and getting inspiration to go fishing and thinking about you alot. Your the woman who get everything and everyone who she wants. Like Marilyn Monroe from Asia, who fascinated me completely.. it’s not okay to fall in love, take a spell of your power of beautiness.. I getting older and I am more and more vulnerable about younger women, they turns more and more attractive than ever before.. you are irresistible woman. You make me crazy.. Espoo to Taipei is 15 hours with airplane.. I am fucken mess. I watching your videos, You are Asian Marilyn Monroe.. I am an old fart, I read Tolstoy, Bukowski.. You are fucken queen for me. I read this, don’t try to pick up a flower and try to put in a vase, you will lose that flower. Just watch it. Don’t chase cat, let her decide to come to your lap. When cat is here, breath in, hold, say I know you are here, breath out and say and I am really happy that you are here.. when you get cat, love cat, don’t think there’s something better.. there’s not.. there’s emptiness and sorrow.. smile her and eat her pussy, don’t chase cats.. there’s anything else than she.. future is not here, and past is gone. When I your pussy, just consentrate what it feels, gather enjoyment.. don’t expect anything just enjoy.. orgasms, ejaculations will come if they come, it’s not necessary, only enjoy when I lick you.. gather enjoyment in big balloon, which not pop.. feel my tongue.. I am Leonardo Da Vinci and your are Mona Lisa.. Your pussy is Tabula Rasa, the empty sheet..

You laughed at me and said that you living in Korea. I living in my fantasy world which doesn’t exist..

Your video will become in TV, today is YouTube.

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