Maybe more ducks, maybe fish to you.. just thoughs.. I read mindfulness book, how stupid I were.. people said it is one way beat depression and anxiety… And also every billionaire do that too.. meditate.. basically strengths their prefrontal cortex and animal brain “muscle”, that animal is what caused that people get biased easily.. but also the animal is good one which leads towards Korean girl.. .. people talk I should meditate over ten years ago, I laughed.. now I find that it’s necessary to handling yourself.. scientific proofed also.. 

Yeah she is Korean girl, not Taiwan girl.. she loved my the duck family video, but I don’t know.. she is super hot woman, Asian girl.. from Korea.. Korea. I also heard saying if you pick the flower, it will die. It’s beautiful as she is.. I think it’s also a cat analogy, she comes if she wants..

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