I am not really sure am I doing mistake. Little warning cos I am little bit sexists or I am not sure am I. But I am kind a dreamer, when I felt dreams where is beautiful women where I can eat them pussies and giving them power and made them billionaires. I think if I deeply living this kind dream world, it’s becoming true. I don’t really giving them cunnilingus; I want to do so, but.. I myself try to make myself billionaire from zero to stars.. but I want more and more see when younger hot women rises from poverty to the billionaires. My customer is hot younger woman. My first girlfriend was striptease-dancer – Lady Domina who fascinated me totally.. But read below, so you will hopefully understand
Hey!I felt love to your presentation of your video.. it was a massive rush.. I think. I am totally new pie and I have kind a fantasy, somekind vision, which crystallize in this sentence: “I eat her pussy, and make her a billionaire or I eat them pussies and make them billionaires..”. I am post-op transgender woman who felt love in the first sight with The Lady Domina fantasies, getting super aroused by dominant women… It was always kind my destiny and my greatest desire. I am nowadays 38 years old, I see younger women more attractive and myself more kind an old pervert.. I am also very poor and I think if I were like the Yoda and if I can harness my Dreamworld like a business and make younger women who are lost and poor, make them billionaires. I need badass women to help them to rise like phoenix birds.. I feel exactly what kind this women are, they are like you, kind of a wonder women.. if they met you, copy, mimic you.. and etc.. but I really just nowadays just see and understand what happens in my head. They resonate somehow.. I gave someone about couple of years ago a book list which I get from a billionaire and that girl got a mental orgasm. That happens on dating site, I said to her that I adore younger women and I love help them grow.. something like that.. I said I went through a billionaire’s course and those books was there.. I remember that moment forever, her reaction.. okay but I am really poor and very bad situation.. I had time to study, read, watching YouTube videos, taking courses online.. I just think of those mantras in my head.. eating them pussies and making them billionaires.. and it works.. like magic.. I start to recognise the strong Woman who I want to give cunnilingus, and I really want that woman to become a billionaire, and become my vision of the strong Woman. My ex-wife doesn’t understand that when I selected my therapist that kind feeling.. but when I did so I probably got what I am now.. or my ex girlfriend I chose also that way I wanted to eat her pussy and worship her… She was much younger than me.. it was also a life changing experience, just like my ex-wife where I studied how to eat pussy, I performed about 5,5 years every day.. she was also younger.. she commanded me to read sexology and I read like mad.. I am a former chemist, nearly in the paper, but I dropped out of the university.. so eating her pussy and studying like a scientist, I lived my dream… I found that I understand a lot of sexology when I spotted a professional to talk about how to perform cunnilingus.. My former girlfriend was much younger and she said what I did her pussy was the thing that why she wanted me more and felt love for me.. but she was a difficult person so it was quite a short relationship.. Then at the end I remembered that I had solved problems in my life like alcoholism on my own, I invented myself sober sporty woman. But now I found that I have a problem called poverty.. I found Tai Lopez, I got him the 67 steps.. I also get a lot of books, he said somewhere in his videos that people rise on the slum when they get right knowledge in their brain.. their lives change.. I don’t know myself but I read lot of books.. and I started to think that if I can do something like him but in my dreams that Tai is a powerful young woman who is like The Wonder Woman.. Some Kind woman whose pussy I want lick.. kind a female version of Tony Montana, Scarface movie.. but in my dreams I eat her pussy and who she train bad asses.. my metaphor is like fuel which makes that dream come true.. My customer is a young woman who is lost her life and I will change her life in my program where there are a lot of bad ass women, Wonder Women(movie), Strong Women make this poor woman a billionaire. 
This was the story. I don’t know it grows in my mind. I have also ideas, like pod business.. afflient.. but this my fantasy is something what calls me.. but I am very poor and quite book smart nowadays too.. but it would be great if you get excited about my idea. You can shoot it down too.. but when I felt my fantasy world and start to living in it I found you compelling, resonating… 


I was recently given a billionaire’s booklist, and links where super successful entrepreneurs teach very cool stuff.. There is one hot woman who got them all.. and the very first one got a billionaire’s booklist. It feels like I lick them pussies, and make them feel great. Kind a mental orgasm if I understand correctly happens, now twice. I watched video where you were and then next when I put your name on YouTube search and You Are something what I looking for.. My exes were btw super-hot-super-intelligent women. My former did  over Mensa-limit IQ scores on IQ-test and laughed at my scores..  I am also kind submissive for women, she was also very dominant, also in a very bad way..  I were recovered that and I use lot of my time with that fantasy.. I were read abou 200 books, maybe over at now, and I found my learning curve is starting plateau.. Which is btw best point keep woman when I do it.. Enjoyment is the goal, not the orgasm.. Just like in life, don’t focus on short term goals.. What understand money is like an orgasm, a side thing. But I don’t know it felt suoer good see how her cheeks started to glow.. I made her really happy. I think. Maybe this is bad idea and an old lonely fart doing and thinking stupid.. Also very, very poor…I got childhood trauma, so I am fucked up.


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