I love his content. Very funny and informative what comes from cryptoes. You should definetely take that the 67 steps. It really change your game. I learned investing like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. And lot of things. My brain is changed. Tai Lopez is billionaire, guy who know how to rise 0 to 1, like Peter Thiel book if I remeber correctly. You need get in your head the best possible person, he is Tai Lopez what comes from money. I really getting understand what he meant his teaching videos. I attract badass-humans like that Uncle Vigilante, like Tai Lopez. I am really changed. I am now money making machine, thanks for him. I am unstoppable. But as Uncle Vigilante says, I don’t know shit, and why not me, I have ability to make money. Mind-set is also what matters, you should believe yourself, love yourself – you can do it, I can do it. Being billionaire is possible. Step by step..


I Think that you should know this. Your mind is the best tool or your worst enemy. You should think I can more than I cannot. Every time you are correct. I don’t know I put lot of money on crypto. I think I became obsessed about making money. I know things, and today Warren Buffett ‘said’ to me invest now! Be greedy when others are fearful.. And of course Charles Bukowski said similar way, do opposite what crow do and you have all heaven on your life.. or something like that.. I don’t remember exactly how that quote goes. .. I put on my refrigerator note, which where is text, You have a girlfriend.. And I found girlfriend about 3 months. I manifested or something and I really put in my head goal to go towards something. You need believe yourself. If you see first it in your mind and next you will get it. You set mindset correctly.