I feel terribly again

I don’t know.. I watched what I were wrote before.. I was down and biased. Now I feel his influence in my mind again. People are like pills or like booze. They influenced same way.. he understands that I need my space. And you are also sum of people who you surrounded. It’s true that he has got very good impact also my life. Maybe I weren’t alive. He was always there when I want talk.

It’s true also my true self come when I eliminate all people my life and be just myself..

The Father

Maybe my life were 100x duller if I weren’t met him ever. I mean the father. My friend. He were like my real father. He is very important human in my life. He helped me out my valium addiction to saying that also my mind is powerful to overestimate symptoms..

Maybe I am mean person

I just need my own time.. I tried call the father. Maybe he’s right about that book.. but I need to my own time. Now here is Corona.. and everything feels nonsense.. he was always my side when I was down.. There is nobody but he.