Bad Ass Woman

This kind women I admire most. That interview was very good and educational also, and super inspiring!


Understanding this kind knowledge is the key to true happiness; understanding how to please woman in sexual way has been very important me. Reading, studying sexology, tantra and watching this kind educational material has increased my value of getting women as I am now older.. My ex girlfriend said how you eat me was the only reason why she fell in love for me.. Ex-wife said when she broke-up with me, how you ate me was different universe.. Cunnilingus is my favorite thing and if I put little bit my knowledge here; orgasm is side thing, enjoyment is everything; that way you can led every woman in the Nirvana of the pleasure.. “It will comes if it comes, it is not the main thing.. Just Enjoy Babe…”. That’s come from Tantra; kind a mind set which turns your woman in the orgasm machine…. Also knowing your woman inside out, and knowing little bit better, and thinking pussy as a Tabula Rasa like an artist who painting little bit different every time.. More this kind! I loved your video! I am not sexologist, but I am cunnilingus enthusiast 😉

Mankiw on my side

Basic fundamentals of Economics, Principles of Economics by Gregory Mankiw. Read it! It gives you help to your financial situation. I need he now! Principle: the opportunity cost. I need tighten my budget. This book is one of the best book what I have ever read about money. As good as my favourite Charlie Munger, Poor Charlie’s Almanack.

Point is now build new fortress of money. That the father attacked by Mankiw, and it’s crippled my thinking, but I know better, because Tai Lopez, self made billionaire suggested that book for me. And also it’s pure science too. You need know fundamentals! Principles of Economics by Gregory Mankiw is must! And also with that I need idea of Babylon, The Richest Man in the Babylon is also very good book, because you get idea of that fortress of money by this book. But the opportunity cost is now the thing what I need now. Every decision what I do is also alternative choice, next best. I need focus to get 10000 euro to my fortress now, it’s my goal.


I purchased missing books by my audiobook marathon.. and I found my secret book list more books which I need to read.. I went broke again to purchasing those books, and those courses.. and so on.. but it is investing your brain, not spending money.. I forget if I don’t buy those books.. as Charlie Munger said that you need know your game. I getting wiser and wiser when I read, listening.. I have contact with super rich guy who answered my question to how to establish business, LLC in USA if you live in outside USA. I get response under five minutes. Stripe Atlas.

This is it..

Going deeper.. I get hint to establish my own business to USA to use Stripe Atlas program. My mentor said so. I am very privileged by getting this kind information.. it’s quite expensive for me just right now, but I am super excited about that.. every gates open to me. It’s amazing.. I am so thankful. Good advice for you, be happy, don’t worry.. I am super grateful about that. Cultivate positivity in your mind and you will attract positivity.. this is super important, just like Grant Cardone said in his book, take 24 hour positivity challenge. Wipe every negative thoughts away and cultivate only positive wipes… This is mixture of Cardone and others books so far, think that way, everything is possible and everything turns gold, good results.. you can do everything what you want and you will be super rich.. you are already super rich. Lot of money..