My brain

He is in my brain, I change him name to the father to the asshole because he really try to destroy me. That Mankiw Principles of Economics is super important book to understand how money, people works.. now I read Deepak Malhotra book called Negotiation the Impossible, I doesn’t understand what he said if I didn’t read that The Principles of Economics by Gregory Mankiw. And there is a lot of books which use economic terminology so, The Principles of Economics by Gregory Mankiw is super important book, and fuck the asshole.. he is manipulator Machiavelli person.. I need cut him off my life..

Listen only the pro

My friend is not the pro. He is kind an auhctority person in my life, human has got phenomenon to follow the leader, respect auhctority. It’s very shitty situation in my life that, he is that kind person who acting kind auhctority person in my life. So fuck you him. Not in bad way, but you not need people to command you. I don’t know it is that book good. I read now The Black Swan. It’s very good book. I don’t need brain shit in my brain. Karl Marx, The Capital maybe good book but also kind a political book, so I am so interested about that. And if I see him, it’s not helped him. I have got better idea to become rich, it’s simple mimicking rich people. If I download in my brain recipe of wealthy woman I become wealthy woman, so simple as that. My friend also try to manipulate me, so it’s very bad thing to do…

I think I should not read that book. I remember that he attack to me. It’s too much for he that I know a lot. Tai Lopez said me, people start to acting like that how the father did.. Mankiw is very good. Maybe book what he suggested is good but I listening merely Tai Lopez who is the billionaire and my friend doesn’t.. also I have gynecologist who knows everything what I don’t know, I listening she. My friend doesn’t know, he attack. So fuck with him.

I think it’s hit my ego. I need be more a fox than a hedgehog. A fox is an open-minded and a very wise and know a lot and a hedgehog is a narrow-minded. You should be a renessaince woman or man. Also this the Umberto Eco’s unread library also very good example of knowing unknowns, unread books which need to be read. So maybe I read Karl Marx Das Kapital. I also yesterday started to writing dating site that woman is like a book, you should read that book first, not judge by the cover, but also the cover is the first impression and that is also important. Karl Marx is linked by socialism and communism. Tai Lopez said something like liking bias. If Hitler say that one plus one is two, and Mother Theresa say that one plus one is three, you probably see that Mother Theresa is right. Just like Trump is hating figure but he knows something about real estate business. I found that Galbraith is linked to Karl Marx and Nassim Nicholas Taleb in The Black Swan also mentioned Karl Marx, so I need to read it at the next after The Black Swan.

No, no! You not should read that book! It’s just wi Charlie Munger warned me about gabbage-brain developing, that Das Kapital is Marxism, socialism, not good to read, extreme idealogy which blocks your brain. I didn’t read any book of AA when I get sober, it was also idealogy, I listened AA-folks but I keep my own “idealogy”. I read only books which based on science and lift me up. I don’t want think money or profit is bad, he is not my friend anymore, try to put me down, now last time. Very dangerous book and he really attack on me to saying Economy is bias or something like that.. be toxic.

Lol, I just read that The Black Swan and I realized that maybe Das Kapital is very important book to read for everyone. My friend is my best friend.. I think I need more my own time because my real self become more awareness of me. Also what my therapist said the prison of loneliness is if you become more ego centric you will become more lonely, if you abandon your ego you become more people person, just like what Osho means The Boat, when you are the empty boat, you are more open for others.. I think how my friend review that book was not good way. But there is also my own path and it’s good too.. also I know I am sometimes very egoistic person and I should listen more other people too and trust them too. Not only if Taleb said that Das Kapital is also good book.. He doesn’t said so, but similar idea than the Black Swan, being in the middle there’s the greatness is.

The father also manipulating me so I don’t like to read this for the reason because I found he get angry and said I need to read this and then go talk with him. He takes personal that I grow in intelligent way and he try to stop that. I am not sure about value of that book so beware that because I referred Charlie Munger warnings to developing a gabbage-brain if you read idealogy what Marxism is. So and I think he try to control me, so fuck with him. Fade away from him. As you see I am confused. He also said do that do this and I very often do. He manipulating in that way. Just like play poker, play game which I don’t like; download it in your phone.. go bar.. just like how my therapist did.. my friend make me doing things, I think he is good for it but yeah it’s manipulating nothing else. I don’t like read shit like Communism. Tai Lopez gives me very good books, this what my friend do, is shitting on me.. I feel that if I doesn’t read it, I never learn how to make money. It’s very good way to influence on me. Tai Lopez is a billionaire and my friend is only an accountant. Das Kapital is not what Tai Lopez recommend to me, and Tai Lopez warned also this kind ideology, money is bad, profit is evil.. money is very good, important and I love money, you get profit if you manage yourself correct, it’s economic term to get winnings on your money game. If you are an invidual or a firm, you do well on money if you make profit. People are like firms, and firms are like people. So never surround yourself this kind people. Why?

I found Karl Marx in David Ogilvy’s book, Ogilvy On Advertising.. I am speechless know.. maybe it’s worth of my time to read Karl Marx..

Lol, this is an old school mentoring.. maybe he is somekind dad to me, the father.. my real father died when I was 12.

He is nothing to me. Truth is he manipulates me also so I don’t like him anymore. And Das Kapital is more political book so I don’t read it because if I am correct and it’s Communist book so I don’t like shit in my brain, I am not interested politics, only science and Economy is science. I feel better than I am my own…

Maybe it’s a good book

Karl Marx was economist too. So people praise that book. Also there’s criticism too. Also I don’t like ism ended things like socialism, capitalism etc.. maybe I should wide my perspective. Also there is warn too, what I said, or Charlie Munger warned that you develop a gabbage-brain if you choose ideological viewpoint, it is better be a renessaince woman or renessaince man. Understand and know everything about something and a lot.. thinking you have got tools for everything, not only a hammer.

I read yesterday Grant Gardone words, selling is very important skill to learn. Life changing.. I agree.. I feel every book I read I found that I upgrading myself, my brain. I get instinctual stuff in my brain and I can use it right away.. just like selling, persuading, negotiation…. Also marketing.. compination of economics, human behaviour biology, psychology, etc I understand how our species works, called homo sapiens.. Know yourself and also forget your self, your ego.. I read The Black Swan book also, know unknowns.. The Umberto Eco’s unread library example of in that book. Knowing what need to know, or knowing unknowns..

Use logic

That’s enough to suggest to me to read shit. I listen merely Tai Lopez than the father. I thought I was weak and biased when I first met him. Reading socialism is not good. I read first everything what real billionaire told to read not fucken poor shit. He should understand that. I told him to read books by sexologist to become better at sex. But this is my logic. If Tai Lopez is on the Forbes list, I should listen him, and he is billionaire, so he understands how money works. My friend is only an accountant.. if you wanna understand how accounts works he is right person. If I am interested to know more socialism he is the right person or Marxism.. but I rather listening the billionaire to become the billionaire. I listening the sexologist to become the sexologist.

Das Capital

By Karl Marx. This is my friend suggestion. He get angry that I read by Mankiw. But yeah, I think we are different. I think wide spectrum and I don’t take anything personal. I get my suggestion all about billionaire but my friend is not billionaire. Numbers don’t lie. So I try to use my logic here to understand money and I rather listening the best. My friend is not the best, Tai Lopez is in the Forbes list. And I need to understand that. Maybe I should read that das capital, but I don’t know. If I listening poor people I become poor, if I listening very rich people, I get very rich. He never really helped me. .. He take my weaknesses as a weapon against me. I found that. It’s very slightly but noticiple.. but yeah Tai Lopez is the billionaire and my friend is an accountant.. his mother is wealthy woman but he never listen to her.. his mother is little bit similar than Tai Lopez.. teaching and speaking same kind things.. but he is too cocky and arrogant and very big ego.

Yeah, it’s Communist book. Economy is bad and profit is bad yab yab.. nonsense of me. I don’t like political books. I would say, profit is good. Labor is good. You can use novadays labour example A.I. or and programs.. automaticizing your labour force. .. I don’t read that book because I don’t want shit in my brain. Profit is very good. You can make profit to reduce your goings.. you can think that your a firm which makes profit. I think you can rise to read books and educate yourself. I think firms are like humans. They are not bad. Charlie Munger warned also cabbage brains which developed by extreme idealogy as communism. I don’t wanna think shit like profit etc is bad.. you should not too. I try to think how to get out of poverty not how to went broke. I don’t ever listening him again..


Mt friend the father is really my best friend. U think it’s my brain which makes me corrupted easily. My ego. My parents also are kind enemies but I don’t know, my brain is my enemy too. I need sometimes my space, being alone, solitude.. I need hearing my thoughts.. I need cultivate that..

I really thinking about the Gypsy Girl. She was nice, that other woman was not.. may her come my life if she felt something between us.

I am my worst enemy

I thought that my friend the father is my enemy. I don’t know. My mother and my brother is although my enemies too.. also my stepfather. Everybody is my enemies. I think that people influences on me.

I met Romanian beggar yesterday and I found she did same pitch on me how that the Gipsy Girl did. I listen now Way of The Wolf book. People are like animals. They react things. Oh shit I lost my point of view.

My friend the father spoke yesterday rewiring brain. I think he try to manipulate me. I think people manipulating me without noticing that. Just what marketing people do. And also selling people. I am also disappointed my friend that he gave me advice to collect bottles.. and recently he gave tip to start to sport betting. He is entrepreneur. I get lot of good tips from Tai Lopez, and also for free. And buying him program. Also those books which he gave was gold. My friend gave me advice to play poker at night which was terrible idea. You should never interpret your sleep. It’s very important, crucial for your brain function. Your memory. I found that what I read comes instinct to me yesterday when I met Romanian beggar. I think she was professional, I used negotiation skills to her. She tried to pumps more money out of me and I stopped that saying you get all what you want with that sum. A blanket and food. I gave her 20 euro. She wanted more. I didn’t like that. I don’t have money neither.. I just wanted to help her. But yeah I tried to find that the Gypsy Girl but I get another beggar to who try to influence on me. Little bit same tactic.. But the Gipsy Girl was very good and she also made me feel rush on her.. because I listened Leonard Cohen Gypsy Wife’s song which asking constantly where’s my Gypsy Wife.. and I manipulating myself that way.. but I can’t get her in my mind so I went looking for her.. I wanted to get her to date with me. I wanted to offer her date. But that Roman beggar was there and I found that the tactic was similar.. so my heart break.. that the Gypsy Girl treat me as a lady but maybe she was try to exploit also me because I went very out of my mind, like that Cohen song.. I just falled her command but I was busy and my friend the father called me and said she is a thief.. if my friend didn’t called me and I walked back to find her, I was totally in her “trap”.. she was so contagious and so attractive and she faschinate me.. so gorgeous and so good to manipulate me.. I was her Queendom.. totally her own.. if she was wanted something to me I probably won’t resist..

Pulling down

He do that. Maybe he doesn’t notice or I don’t know but it’s influences on me because I feel very unsecure about who I am.. my friend he miss-gendering me. It’s very cruel and hurts me very badly. It’s faintly but I loose thouch who I am. I felt totally as a woman when I was not influences by him and now influenced by him my being me is very hurtful. It’s very good to let go him..

It’s not good for me

I found it again – miss-gendering. I don’t know why I talked with him. It’s very low to speak with him. There’s lots of people who does not do that. It’s influences in my brain, my mind.

I am very kind person but this is not good to me. He destroy me.. it’s very slightly but bit by bit he pull me down.. I can see that and feel that.. I need cut him of my life. Maybe he doesn’t see that, I don’t know.. kind a human bondage.. I get that miss-gendering from him. It’s comes very slightly way.. stabbing.. that what he does.. God help me!