Comfort zone

Maybe I need to think twice what I thinking. My friend is my friend. I think I am wrong what I think, I am not sure. I read that I should love my life and do things what I love. My friend speak same.

I need eat pussy, find gf and let life eat me


Two good speach for you. Or it’s a speak, my English is sometimes little bit uneasy. English is all about remembering. I think speach is a correct form, because a speak is just trying to forming voice. And speach is more specific presentation. I am not sure for that. But I were read a lot and listening a lot of English so it’s comes from inside my brain.

I am not sure my people. I am not a man, a male. I am a woman, a female. I feel being a woman like a role, so I think that I am more kind human, more that I don’t have certain gender or/and sex.

I found yesterday that people miss-gendered me and think that I am a male. It’s feels shit. Okay there is a boy who say hello to me. It’s feels nice although I am lesbian, but feeling little bit sexual chemistry with other gender feels good but I wanted that people who I surrounded see me as I see my self, beautiful woman or least a woman. But I think it’s more a role, so I don’t like being a role. I am who I am. So I feel like a shit. So I think that my friend doesn’t see me as a woman because he questioned that my former women was all lesbians. Everyone. If I get influenced by people who see me as a man, I attract that kind seeing, and that’s not good at all.

That’s why I think that I need found people who really seems me who I am, not what they think I am. My exes was sweets and made me feeling completely who I am. The inner circle is the place where you need allow people who support you and see you as you see yourself. Love is being accepted wholly who you are, inside out, fully, totally..

It’s fucks your brain if people see you different how you see yourself, expect those who are nearest people.. so don’t let that happens to you..

Every girls what I have wife and girlfriends was all lesbians. So yeah, my brain is now little bit fuck up because people miss-gendered me.. my former girlfriend said don’t worry, her best friend is a girl and people see her as a man and they laugh at it..



My friend is my enemy

You should check out people around you.. my friend is what I called father is a manipulator, Machiavelli person. My brain is fucked up again. I need to fade away from him. I don’t know why I contacted to him. It’s like brain poop to make conversation with him.

I need to change how I treat him, I need use reward-punishment superresponse tendency. Give punishment to him. He knows everything but if I stand shoulders of the giants, I know what it’s true, he knows nothing.. he try to diminish me laughing when I speaks economic professor Kahneman, Cialdini and Charlie Munger. I know exactly what they told me. Tai Lopez said me, don’t try teach pig to fly, it’s bothers pig.

This helps me. Fade away X, eliminate X from your life.. don’t use no, don’t.. make it positive and easy to withdraw shits in your life. I used similar method to changing my thoughts about booze. You need manipulate you, making X to disappear in your life. Point is to use positive words to getting off bad person.. avoid word as no.. it’s good thing to withdraw poisonous people from your life, you feel better day by day.. time is healer. Let good people to come your life, let poisonous people to go away.. fade away from your life..

Expand your Babylon

I read book called riches man in the Babylon and now I read book for Harv Eker. He said you need divide your income in jars and put them names. Your most important jar is passive income jar, where is that golden goose is. You need feed your golden goose every month, and let it grow. You use money in that jar for making investment in the passive income. And you need funny jar, which you need spending yourself, making yourself happy.. and charity jar also, helping poor people, people who suffers someway.. and you need jar for your education, books, courses etc..

Babylon is idea to making your own empire. Money is a game so you need thinking that way. I make money to protect me, so I strength my Babylon walls, and I put soldiers to protect me against the enemy, just like if something happens, rainy day comes, enemy attacks to my core city. You might played game like civilization, word of wordcraft.. strategy games.. the money game is similar. It’s a game.

Making those jars inside my Babylon, like that golden goose is like new building in your city of your money game. Just like that charity jar, education jar, funny jar.. if we think it’s strategy game, you can imagine those jars like buildings in your Babylon, your expanding empire.

Buy some law of attraction books

How to attract money by Joseph Murphy, Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas. I understand point of them. You need change your thoughts about money. A money is very good thing, you need it. If you have no money, you have a problem. It’s kind an unhealthy condition which you need to fix. You need that you are deserved to be a rich. Money is very good thing, and you are deserved to have it as much as you want. You need open your inner money blocks and let the money flows your life, you are deserved to be happy and prosperous and healthy and of course very wealthy, because your worth of it. you are the multi-billionaire, you are the Business Woman. You can make a lot of money and it’s fun and easy to you. It’s a game. Just like monopoly or very exciting role game.. or money game. Money is just the friend of yours.. money loves you and you loves money too. It’s completely okay to you become very rich woman. You are deserved to be the rich person. It’s very fun to be rich. Your very rich now, just now.

I met my friend today and yeah he is my best friend what I ever had, just like my father. He is something like that to me. My father died when I was 12 old child suddenly with the heart attack. I think my best friend is like father to me who came back. I feel that way.

This is gold

I feel that I know a lot. This my site seems being very good.. it’s teach me..

I read ten books per day.. I found that I have ten books open. My concentration and focus is super. This is something what I should teach you.. I just started to read as Tai Lopez said, book per day, I forced myself to listen Tai Lopez courses and audio-books.. I over listening them, just like sporters do, little bit more and more every day.. just trying to get better every day.. Tai Lopez teached me that brain are like muscles and I need train six-back in my brain. When my brain really works I can read/listening whole day and I read super fast. My brain just scan books. It’s amazing. Just overtrain your brain.. book per day.. it’s coming from I think Warren Buffett. He read 8 hours a day and that is book per day recipe. And what you get books. You get golden nuggets. I just read Grinding It Out, McDonald’s story.. lol, I read couple of other books also. But basically you need download from your brain every great minds.. and you will become human who have the real knowledge.