Retail park boys

I think I am like that Rick.. There is the internet guy who can change your life! I feel that I don’t know what to do. That the Ninja feels very good girl. I gave her some insomnia book, sleeping books, one of them I found Tai Lopez courses.. so you will find it somewhere my books, it’s called smart sleeping.. Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success. This is it, the bad ass sleeping guide. I purchased it yesterday to I can teach the Ninja how she can sleep better.. I remembered that in that guy who introduced that book said you need relax before go to the bed. Sleeping hormones are so gentle, they would go to hide if you get excited about something.. the Ninja made me excited and I slept poorly. I am tired. Are girls liabilities? I don’t know. My ex-wife was the good woman. Maybe the Ninja too.. maybe she is better.. I visualizing my future with her.. dreaming.. I am also entrepreneur now.. and retired.. I don’t know.. read book called the story brand.. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen . I am learning machine.. you should become too. I remembered that I read alot of sexology and I found that I was like a sexologist, I understand what top sexologist speaks, and yesterday I watched Elon Musk and he said that he studied himself too.. it’s important to speak that you are not hopeless if you not have a degree. You not need the degree to live. You can learn anything what you want. Keep in mind, our ancestors doesn’t have schooling system and they are just like us. It is bias. Hoax. You can make friends with Elon Musk, Charlie Munger via books.. buy courses by Tai Lopez.. you not have be a fuckin doctor to be as good as the sexologist and handling women. You can read every fuckn books by topic of sexology and I will say you are then.. it’s an authority bias, people are coded to follow the leader, and do what others do, “monkey see, monkey do”. Also there’s bias called the social proof tendency.. lot of this kind human misjudgements.. you need to learn then all and my suggestion is to learn them at Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger.. 25 gognitive biases.. learn them and you will understand. And also Mankiw Principles of Economics said that people react to the incentives.. reward and punishment superresponse tendency.. Google helps me. But you get reward or punishment and you will react almost automatically.. so with those 25 human misjudgements.. you get slave if you not understand those.. get addicted or something.. you will buy something and then you think what a fuck.. that Tai Lopez is powerful businessman, so if you listen him, you will become him and you will buy probably everything.. so listen them carefully. I also getting person who can make you say yes to me very easily… It’s magic and you can learn them on Tai Lopez courses.. think what if you have this kind skill? Everyone said yes to you.. people say so because there is incentives where they react, those psychological tendencies, 25 gognitive biases, human misjudgements.. they react them automatically.. that’s why you need protect yourself with advertisement.. they injected into your decision systems and you will start to think okay I need this.. you found you have a problem and seller gives you the solution. Also you have not got any problems so far but now you have and also solutions too..


I feel so again. It’s brothers me. I made public those YouTube videos.. these are terrible.. maybe super good thing because they catching your attention. Or them just sunk in the noice.

I want check and check.. my brain is not good at social media anymore. But you will get value with those..


Am I crazy.. I think it’s what Victor Frankl said that you should find your ‘why’. My the why is young woman. My avatar. My customer. I care you too much. I want badass women like Emilia Lahti, Oprah Winfrey.. I hate to be poor and I hate more see my avatar to being a poor.

Okey, I read Osho the Empty Boat which is also paradigm of being a beggar and a king. Beggar have got every time and king has got every money but no time. But money is also freedom unit. I literally rot away and I am transgender woman post-op, so my social appearance also jeopardize in this fucken poverty. I hate to be a poor. I remembered how that young woman watched me than I am like a shit. I look like a shit, I am totally shit. Okay, Google helper said that I everything goes well.. lol.. yeah, you need think that way, you getting better, just like the badass woman Heidi Grant Halvorson said in her book. You can check which one it was in my book list.. Nine things what successful people do different.. Or no one understands you and what to do it.. or something.. I were read so many books so I am not sure anymore.. but those kind titles was her brilliant books.. quite inexpensive too if you wanna purchase those.

And that girl whom I asked out and who rejected it, but said reason. But typed with someone else.. but what I learned by The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, that if I wanna win her heart I need invest time to her.. but yeah the Tiger.. The Rose-Pussy.. I don’t know anymore.. the girl, let’s say she is the Ninja. I have got an urgency for her too.. maybe good looking woman.. but I am more investor also. I think girls are like investments, they are like assets or liabilities.. I need prevent liabilities, Sirens.. That is something what I learned by Charlie Munger’s Poor Charlie’s Almanack..

Oh shit

I did my YouTube channel and I started to the afflient business. I put myself danger. I am excited and scared. I found that yesterday I went a shop. I was look like a bum. I don’t have anything. My teeth getting yellow, my hair is bad.. everything is old. My computer is old as I am..

In that shop, young woman watched me like that I am kind a shit. I feel defeated. I getting rot a way. I also asked girl out and she said no. And I found also she typed with someone else. And the Tiger not call me but yeah I wanted her as a girl friend. My I need stop to want anything. I am also very lonely.. very fuck up in my life. Although that girl said yes, but not today. So game is not over yet. But I get jealous that and went out that dating site, other words I deleted my account. The Rose-Pussy just teased me to showing her pussy sending me pussy pics.. and asking what I like. It’s mental abuse, I go crazy. I think that is the goal. So I am now alone. Just put everything in danger. That book called Anxious told that I need live the fear. Exact name of that book is Anxious: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety

I am the bookworm

Tai Lopez, my somekind virtual mentor guided me to develop the six-pack brain. Your brain consist of lot of neural pathways. Just like muscles, you can develop them the peak condition. My brain is now very good condition, I can read and being fully focused about 4-8 hours to 12 hours to books, audio-books and digital-books, normal books.. I can read easily book per day, I found that I can read 5-10 book per day. I have about 30 books open.. and over 70 which I marked to important books. So it depends also my physical condition also, if I made ninja-training I am more relaxed to read a lot. My brain has got oxygen and focus is enourmous. Also if I training muscles I getting more energy and my body is in good shape. I can read, read.. or listen without getting tired or getting fucked-up.. but I realized that the Tiger went away. She gets pissed off me cos I need fully focus in books not her. I am more interested become the rich than getting girlfriend, she could be, but first I needed to get know who she is. I stalked her number and I ringed to her. She doesn’t answer and doesn’t text back. And I found that I put her to the black list also.. she cannot ring or text me.. so price to this is being lonely. Becoming the multi-billionaire is seemingly to focus 100% the knowledge. I think when I studied become the sexologist, self-made. I read a lot, I get the knowledge, and I used it to my ex-wife, and I found that I speak exactly same way that the world lead sexologist. And I found also there is no what I already know about pleasing women those books. Also when I studied in university to chemistry, so I know alot, and there is no book anymore which I now yet. I think that is the learning curve of the knowledge which you study. I don’t need to learn everything but I need to get the confidence to do business or doing things with women. I know alot of sexology and I can give wow-effects for women. I am confident about my skills of sex. You know what I mean? I am not yet ready to start business because I don’t have that kind confidence what I have in sex. In my brain has got sexologists, sex-experts, tantra-curus.. I stand by the shoulders of the giants.. I have got there of course Tai Lopez, Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos, Charlie Munger.. Benjamin Graham, who wrote the Intelligent Investor. Also Mankiw with the Principles of Economics.. there’s alot.. like Jack Welch, who wrote book called Winning.. there’s a lot.. I need get the feeling that I don’t need to read more but I can use my new skills. I don’t mean that you should stop reading but I found that when I read every book of sexology and I thought that I need to read more, I found there’s nothing new to me to what I already know. Maybe if I need to get very specific, maybe then, but I have impossible to found something what I don’t know. But know what comes from money, it’s more understand people, me.. understand human. Becoming the human, the good human-being, sharing your altruism.. understand the human, how she works completely. What she thinks.. how she acts.. how I can persuade her, how I can waked up her desires, how I can make her to like me, saying yes to me. The key is what my first mentor said when I was young, and worked by the shop. He said that the customer is always right. It’s not me, and what I learned about sex, it’s about her. Not me. Understand who she is and study everything about her.. care her.. if you not care her, understand her, you will be alone. If you adapting her and understand her completely, I think that will lead you in the riches. If she came back over and over again, just like my ex-girlfriend said I like to see you again because how I eat her pussy. I generate the customer of her.. the customer would be your girlfriend, your wife etc.. you need treat her very good, so she will not go away, will returns..

I am in deep water

I am depressed, she was everything what I expected about woman and she is gone now. I try to think if I write “come to back” her.. I am super sad.. I miss her.. I want give her my number. my name.. everything.. she is hot.. gorgeous woman.. we have lot of common.. now she went away.. 🙁 I am sad.. super sad.. and disappointed.. I told her that I can’t handle things where I need to be 24/7 available.. we have lot of common.. okay she wanna see what kind person I am, and then see if we are something that we can be together.. first friend and then maybe being a couple.. I feel something for her.. maybe it’s not the one way road..

She’s gorgeous

The Tiger is so hot and gorgeous woman. She waken up my urgency, desire. I feel terrible pain that she left me.. yeah, I don’t wanna be a just a friend, I can’t, I can but you know.. I want worship her, eat her pussy, I want option to fall in love her.. just a friend is like a handshake, it’s nothing.. just getting a bronze medal.. or silver.. something but not the gold. I wanna having sex with her, become very intimate relationship.. I wanna her soul and give mine too.. I wanna lost my soul for her. I wanna die with eating her pussy.. I want all.. I don’t wanna fucken bronze medal.. a friendship.. I have got friends of very gorgeous and beautiful women but being just a friend with woman who I desire.. who is my deepest fantasy regarnation, superior hot, gorgeous woman.. I just wanted eat her pussy, drink her pussyjuice.. just a fuckin friend.. I don’t buy, I don’t want.. woman who made in heaven and hell, look angel and devil same time, super hot and very attractive.. I wanna worship her and drink her pussyjuice from her pussy.. yeah, just a friend..

The good way to prevent women

It’s my haircut. When I was bald I was quite sexy, and every woman wanna fuck with me. Now my hair growth and I get offended by women.. I get chemistry change between The Tiger.. my sexual life is gone when my hair growth.. but yeah, I can consentrate having knowledge, investing in my brain. It is very good asset, your brain, just like what Mankiw said, it’s a human capital..

I read E-Myth Revised by Michael Berger.. there is what Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos said, customer response.. I get good response when I was a bald. Women just gave me their numbers.. now they scare me, people speak that I German, I think a German shepherd is better description of me..

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon it’s a very good book by the way.. ;D lot of books.. when I get attracted about pussy, I just study everything about how to please woman, there is the learning curve.. I found that I know more than world lead sexologist, which have got millions followers.. I thought she was pro in the world and I think like her and found that I was better. I think I need to share this knowledge for you, because it’s the leverage to get any woman. The art of cunnilingus.. my favourite thing in this world.. I just get everyday my ex-wife and now I am a bookworm.. old grayish bastard, nobody trust me that I am very good eating pussy.. but yeah maybe over-deliver is the key, and under promise.. The Tiger is super hot, gorgeous woman.. I want her.. but I think I need to think she is the cat, The Tiger, I need to make my surroundings that she can feel safe and want me..

The Tiger and I

She is the gem, the real treasure. The Tiger. She could make me a sane person. Because she sharpened that we don’t know each other yet. So that is a good thing.

I realized that I read, listening 5-10 book per day. I have 70 books which I am currently reading, those are in my reading list, there’s about 30 books open and 71 which I need to read out, the Tiger gives me book called Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Mathew Walker. She is smart woman, I need to listen her.

I found recently that I really read 5-10 book per day. I started Tai Lopez recommendations that I need to read book per day. He say also Warren Buffet read 8 hours a day, and my second mentor in books, Charlie Munger in Poor Charlie’s Almanack, he said that I need to read. It’s very important. Crucial.

I am starting to sharing my knowledge for everyone, I advised The Tiger to starting print on demand business, because she’s the gamer girl. Her YouTube channel is like a niche, the real asset. I think, like The Purple Cow, which is Seth Godin book title also, which is now on my top ten book list.. so Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is in also top 10 book list.

But over 70 book in my active reading.. 5-10 books per day.. wtf.. ninja training, bodybuilding with your own body.. and yeah, tongue training, don’t miss out it.. it’s an essential to pleasing women in orally way.. it’s a skill which is the true game changer.. cunnilingus is my favourite thing..

The Rose-Pussy warmed the fire place.. she showed me her pussy with pussy pics.. not today.. I don’t know, where we live lead each others.. she is the fire.. and drink booze, smoke cigarettes and it’s very bad girl.. the opportunity cost.. choose I her or something.. Seth Godin said that don’t play safe, it’s boring and doesn’t sell..

I also have got perv meeting, or kinky meeting.. there’s also The Lady Domina, let’s say she is The Red.. and yeah there is many hot, gorgeous women.. and everyone is my friend.. I just also remembered The Brasilian Girl.. she was just like The Tiger, super hot, gorgeous woman. I don’t know if The Tiger is little bit hotter and more gorgeous than she.. I am not sure.. that The Brazilian Girl was the real dope… The hottest ever.. so The Tiger is seemingly same or more better… But yeah, we are just friends.. I messed up with that The Brazilian Girl, she also wanted friendship and I get upset with her looks.. but there’s is now The Tiger.. let’s be friends.. ally.. allies.. you now.. maybe she senses that I worship her..