When you teach, you will learn

I think that is true, Seneca said so. You learn when you teach. I started to think, I need learn my way out from the poverty to teaching it out from everybody. First you need manage yourself, know thyself, there is book called Peter F Drucker – Managing Oneself. There is if I know correctly is define how you learn. I think I learn more effective if I teach someone else what I know. And again man called Tai Lopez, teached me in him videos that books need be your friends not your enemies, I learned that you need become the treasure hunter if you start reading, I did this way when I was a kid, I read a lot, but when I went school they forced to read something what I doesn’t liked. I strongly agreed my thought that the school-system is part of slavery-system because human wants control each-others. I shared my paradigm of become slave for Lady Domina and I always found that is impossible for me in long run. I love worshiping and doing things like that in while BUT I don’t like be someones slave always. That’s the problem which I found the school-system and 9-5-system also. I don’t wanna be a slave! And I think that is the idea why I am poor, I don’t want and I don’t like be a slave. I want be free and I want be a human and do what I like.

You can learn things at 18 months time-frames and you can use your imagination to become what you wanna be and go towards that goal. And human is always learned things by others. There is no any-kind school in a stone-age, when our ancestor lives. You need mentors, and best mentors what I have in sexology was books. I don’t really do anything about a degree, there is no degree in a stone-age. The knowledge is the key and the power. If I wanna be see 100 million dollars in my bank account, guess who I imitated, not my father, or my mother, but person who is already here where I want to go, like you can read a book like Warren Buffett’s Snowball or any-kind multi-billionaire who are there yet. If you wanna be a cook then you should imitated by the top chef. Children imitating them parents at first, it is a natural way to learn each-other.

FEARVANA: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger, Expanded Third Edition;
Principles of Economics 8th Edition N. Gregory Mankiw;
The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy;
The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham;
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Winning, Jack Welch:
social why our brains are wired to connect by Matthew D. Lieberman;
Smart Pricing: How Google, Priceline, and Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation for Profitabilit (paperback);
How Google Works


I feel that I am stuck. I need to say you that, if you think you need to know everything, you can’t. It’s impossible. (very short post, but that’s it!) There is always a book what you need to read and always something what you don’t know. But you not need know everything, but if you know “everything” you get advance about your “enemy”. You need to get sometimes state of mind when you know better your “enemy” than they know themselves. But yeah, you need maybe people like me to guide you and I need people to guide me, but I give you the golden nugget, don’t trust everybody, I found that many people who is near me try always hurt me and their did so. Everybody. But nowadays I can spot assholes very quick. But getting this kind the state of mind I needed to letting people hurt me and very hard in my past. Maybe it is the nature order if you are the nature born leader, people will attack you, like alfas in animal kingdom, they always need to prove their strength to take combat with another who wants power what you have. As I said I am not sure that the alfa or even the Lone Wolf is same as me.

I just started to think I am maybe just that Lone Wolf, which is stronger than any alfa. I don’t know. I started to think that alfas are people who people listen and who people start follow, I always think it is not me, but I think I am terribly wrong with that, I am Lone Wolf, stronger than alfa. People wanna follow me when I start to talk and share my wisdom. That maybe sounds cocky but there is pattern and based on my observation of my own world. I always think that I am not a leader but I think nowadays that I am – and I am also super strong sometimes, I don’t know.. I don’t think that I am the leader. But I saw sometimes that people start to follow me and acting like that I am the leader. But yeah I hate authority and I fantasizing Lady Dominas and see the strong woman other women and I want be submissive for them but my psyche doesn’t last to be under the control in long run. Maybe I am more leader than I think. I start to listening book by Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last, and started to get bias by cognitive biases, “maybe I am leader too”.. ;D

How you do anything it’s how you do everything – Buddha

Me again

I talked yesterday my vision, which need to be huge. I read Helen Keller book of The World I Live In, she said something like that: “The inner world is as true as world what we see our eyes.”. She was blind woman, she didn’t have ability of seeing, but she described me in her book, that world what you see in your mind is as true what you can see in physically, and if that true you can be everything what you want. I want be a multi-billionaire and I can see those riches in my hands. I can feel those. Maybe I had too much money but I can use it for good, because money is value like time.

I like thinking that I live time with our ancestors when we have no money. Yeah, it is only value. And of course tool which you need doing things, achieving things. But I found that what Seneca said, money is not make anybody rich. Something like that he said. I think that is the point and he was correct. I hear also money is value of altruism. You get that when you have something to give, very valuable things. What you really desires, what you really love, this is something which makes money to rain your wallet, I think. You need share your treasure, your gold. It could be everything, but it is something what you love. You need spread it and people will give you their money. Your heart is that what humans wants . Very simple example is when someone is very good about cooking, people desires him/her food and are willingness to exchange value with you, their gives you their money to feeling your heart in their mouths. Your need sell your heart, your soul, your everything and then people are willingness to buy you. You need sell yourself completely. Buying is something what you value most. If you sell something what is it from your soul, your heart people want that. Selling is like process to let people to enter in your world, in your heart. People want buy the real thing, not shit. Be yourself and share you soul, your heart, your treasure and give it a price, but not chase money, let people buy you.

Buying and selling are human behavior . Keep in mind. Ancestors have no money. Money is not everything, but your soul, your heart, your passion, your super-power is everything. You need sell those. People doesn’t buy fake. Selling is also giving and I think if you have rush on somebody, you selling your time for somebody. There is the price here and that is not the money.

I have some-kind rush with some-one. I need to sell my soul for her. You know what I mean? If I want love, I need give my soul, my heart and my everything for her. If I am not doing so, I never get “honey”, or “money”. If I not give those for her, do you think, she will buy( or “buy”) me then?

Money is not bad, it is a tool. They call it a freedom-unit. And after all it is just a tool. Nothing more, nothing else.

Today I Start!

Yeah, I tried again, and this is my first blog post. I have now goal and it’s become the multi-billionaire. This important to set your goal very high. I think it is possible it is only a number and amount of something. I think the key here is give value which is so good that everybody wants that value what you offer, like what Amazon offer, the everything store. But my case idea is to see those money in my bank account, I need first to feel and see those money in my bank account. Maybe you think it is unrealistic goal, but need to say you, there is no limits in your brain what you wanna be, you can be everything what you want in your brain, and sometimes dreams comes true. Your brain is like a gps-device, your need put here where you wanna go, your end-game, your birth-day-cake. Your sub-conscious-mind start immediately to go towards that goal. If you visualize that you build your birth-day-cake, you start figuring out what ingredients you need to your cake. and what is it the recipe.

I remember that I visualized very carefully that I will get the new woman when I had six-pack-stomach, when I divorced and getting sad that I divorced with my first wife over two years ago and now I have six-pack and I chatting with woman who seems be very good… I have many situations in my life when I have seen my destiny first and then I get it. And when I put in mind very big goal, like I want be the Olympic gold medalist, I went very good condition when I was a kid. I wanna be a runner then. And when I was at now in good condition I visualize my-self being the Black Ninja and nearly 40 years old woman is like the Black Ninja, very near. It is some-kind force what you get if you dream and visualize something big and something what you wanna be before you get it. It need be very big goal and feel something over, but you need trust that everything is possible.